Cimos Koper is out of Championship race – Radojkovic to lose job

← Previous Story Masip had higher salary than the players Next Story → Topic of the Week: SEHA as a future of “South Stream”? Cimos KoperFredi Radojkovic Current Slovenian champion, Gorenje Velenje beat Cimos Koper 35:28 in derby match last Wednesday. Now, EHF CL 2011/2012 TOP 8 team from Koper is 8 points behind Gorenje and 6 behind Celje Pivovarna Lasko what means that championship race is almost over for the Champion and Challenge Cup Winner from 2011. Normally, media speculation about changes on the Koper’s bench began and current coach, Fredi Radojkovic answered:– I didn’t resign, but I think about that solution. I don’t know how are making this kind of stories. It is normal when team doesn’t fit the ambition that coach is first who has to leave. I will understand and accept any decision from the Management – said Radojkovic who win all the trophies with the Cimos in the last three read more

France strong Russia weak – 3528

EHF EURO 2014france ← Previous Story Sweden too strong for Montenegro Next Story → Day 3 at the EHF EURO: Preview France beat Russia 35:28 in the last match of the Day 2 at EHF EURO 2014 in Denmark.STATISTICS

Momir Ilic – The KING of European handball TOP scorers

← Previous Story THIRD TIME’S A CHARM FOR FLENSBURG! Next Story → Azoty Pulawy with new head-coach – Dragan Markovic! The best left back of the VELUX EHF Champions League 2013/2014, Momir Ilic have got the “golden ball” for the best scoring performance in European club’s elite. Veszprem’s member scored 103 goals, 8 more than Renato Vugrinec (95) from RK Metalurg.The unbeatable stayed the record from 2002, when Nenad Perunicic scored 120 goals for the winning squad – SC Magdeburg.

MOMENT OF HANDBALL HISTORY Bravo Laszlo goodbye Atilla

Atilla VadkertiLaszlo Nagy ← Previous Story Veselin Vujovic first pick for Slovenian bench? Next Story → Groups are ready for Junior WCh in Brazil! “Moment for the handball history” is only one of the titles which perfectly describing the last 20 seconds of the PICK Szeged – Veszprem clash at the end of the season in Hungary. The World Best Player 2011, Hungarian handball legend Laszlo Nagy did something which is much more than ordinary fair-play.The 34-years old right back called his rival and friend, Atilla Vadkerti, to come inside the court and gave him the ball to score the last goal on the match. The moment for that was more than perfect. That was the last match for the legendary PICK Szeged left wing who played for the club since 1999.Gesture to inspire all the handball players worldwide and to remind what is the most important in sport.Bravo Laszlo, godbye Atilla!PHOTO: PICK Szeged read more

Croatia win HEP Croatia Cup in Umag

Croatia won “HEP Croatian Cup” at home court in Umag. However, the sixth team from the last World Championship 2015 in Qatar, had serious job to outplay talented Montenegrian squad – 28:23 (10:12).Team’s captain Zlatko Horvat netted nine goals for the winners.Croatia -Montenegro 28:23 (10:12)Croatia: Stevanović, Ivić (10 saves), Stojanović; Marić 2, Duvnjak 2, Stepančić 6, Gojun, Horvat 9, Karačić, Kozina, Tominec, Štrlek 2, Pavlović 1, Kovačević 3, Mamić 1, Šebetić 2, SliškovićMontenegro: Mijatović, Mijusković (8 saves), Ristanović (3 saves); Borozan 5, Milasević 1, Melić 5, Čavor 5, Lazović, B. Vujović, Radović 3, M. Vujović 2, Andjelić, Ševaljević, Petričević, Božović, Majić, Lipovina 2Croatia beat Macedonia 29:21 in the opening match on Friday, while Montenegro and Macedonia drew 26:26.STANDINGS:Croatia 4Montenegro 1Macedonia 1PHOTO: HRS Facebook croatiahandball umag ← Previous Story Germany beat Slovenia for DHB Super Cup Trophy Next Story → STRONG TALANT BOYS: Hungary win home Provident Cup read more

Romania and Sweden book places at Womens WCh 2017

← Previous Story TEARS AND HUGS BY VRANJES & EGGERT: Don’t cry for us Flensburg Next Story → Decisive battles on the road to Croatia 2018 Romania and Sweden are the first two teams qualified for the Women’s World Championship 2017 in Germany. The Swedish girls had easy job to outplay Macedonia 46:27 (16:11), while Romania, once again, beat Austria 33:24, this time as visitors.Sweden – Macedonia 46 – 27 (26-11)Sweden: Loui Sand 9, Daniela Gustin 7, Nathalie Hagman 7, Emma Ekenman-Fernis 4, Jamina Roberts 4, Johanna Westberg 4, Jenny Alm 3, Ulrika Toft Hansen 2, Carin Strömberg 2, Olivia Mellegård 1, Anna Lagerquist 1, Isabelle Gullden 1, Hanna Blomstrand 1Macedonia: Mirjeta Bajramovska 6, Sara Ristovska 6, Ivana Gakidova 4, Dishica Ghorgiievska 4, Elena Gjeorgiievska 2, Elena Livrinikj 2, Nathasha Nolevska 1, Dajana Jovanovska 1, Jovana Sazdovska 1Austria – Romania 24:33 (13:11)Austria: Patricia Kovacs (6), Sonja Frey (5), Josefine Huber (3), Tamara Bösch (3), Martina Goricanec (2), Laura Bauer (2), Mirela Dedic (2), Kristina Logvin (1)Romania: Cristina Neagu (6), Aneta Udristioiu (5), Valentina Ardean Elisei (5), Gabriela Perianu (4), Crina Pintea (3), Andrada Tomescu (3), Alina Ilie (2), Elena Dinca (1), Dana Pricopi (1), Cristina Laslo (1), Ana Dragut (1), Madalina Zamfirescu (1)PLAY-OFF WCH 2017:Italy – Serbia 23:33 Montenegro – Belarus 33:26 Russia – Poland 31:20 Romania – Austria 34:29 – 33:24Ukraine – Spain 24:24 Hungary – Slovakia 28:19 Croatia – Slovenia 23:28 Czech Republic – Turkey 29:25 Macedonia – Sweden 20:31 – 27:46 read more

Telekom Veszprem routine job against Aalborg

Aalborg Handbold: Pedersen, Aggefors – Smarason 2, Wiesmach 2, Barthold 2, Larsen M. 1, Hesselund, Hald 6, Saugstrup 2, Holst 4, Ellebaek, Jotic 2, Atlason, Meinby, Antonsen 1, Juul-Lassen 2 (2) Telekom Veszprém: Mikler – Manaskov 2, Schuch, Ilic 3, Tönnesen 2, Gajic 3, Nilsson 3, Accambray, Ugalde 1, Marguc 3 (1), Ancsin 3, Terzic, Blagotinsek 3, Jamali, Lékai 7 5.Kiel6213139:1535 STANDINGS: Hungarian Telekom Veszprem kept the leading position at VELUX EHF Champions League Group B by routine home victory over Danish Aalborg Handbold 30:24 (16:10). After small break due EHF week of the national teams, Ljubomir Vranjes extended winning run on the bench of one of the biggest favorites for winning EHF CL trophy in Cologne next May.Mate Lekai continued with good performance. Domestic playmaker netted seven goals for the new success of his team.Telekom Veszprém – Aalborg Handbold 30:24 (16:10) 4.Meshkov Brest6213162:1645 2.Paris SG5401151:1368 1.Telekom Veszprem6510184:16411 aalborg handboldTelekom Veszprem PHOTO: Telekom Veszprem, Vörös Dávid 3.Flensburg-H.6321168:1578 7.Celje6114180:1963 6.Vive Kielce5122141:1374 8.Aalborg6105155:1732 ← Previous Story African Championship 2018 in Gabon with 10 teams Next Story → Landin’s night in Brest – First away win for THW Kiel read more

DPP issues warning to media on risks of pretrial reporting

first_imgTHE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC Prosecutions has warned the media about the dangers of pre-trial publicity interfering with the right of an accused person to a fair trial.In the foreword to the annual report of the DPP’s office, DPP Claire Loftus said that she wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the risks of pre-trial reporting to the judicial process:“The media and commentators have a high degree of responsibility to ensure that not only do they not commit a contempt of court by publishing or broadcasting prejudicial material but also that such publicity is not the cause of a trial being postponed for a long period, or even indefinitely”Loftus went on to stress that the risks increase as a trial date approaches.The annual report showed the overall the number of prosecution files received by the DPP decreased by 5 per cent last year. Loftus said that this can be partly attributed to cases being dealt with by the district court.Victims of crimeThe DPP noted last year’s directive by the EU which gave victims of crime the right to receive reasons why a crime was not prosecuted. She said that her office has begun work on examining the directive and added that the Government has until October 2015 to transpose the directive into Irish legislation.Loftus pointed out however that not all decisions not to prosecute are made by the DPP. “In that regard it should be noted that a great many prosecution decisions are in fact made by the Garda Síochána without reference to the Office, under my delegated authority,” she said.The breakdown of the main reasons for the DPP’s decisions not to prosecute are broken down below:CourtsThe DPP also spoke about the backlog of cases in the Court of Criminal Appeal and the Supreme Court. Loftus said that she is concerned that the backlog of cases in the Court of Criminal Appeal is causing undue leniency reviews and other sentence and conviction appeals to be considerably delayed.In this regard Loftus welcomed the pledge from the Courts Service to add a number sitting days ahead of the beginning of new legal year in October and noted the referendum on a Court of Appeal which is due to take place next month.Read: DPP office “fully stretched” due to economic circumstances >Read: DPP to appeal Patrick O’Brien sentence >Read: The Court of Appeal referendum is one thing all political parties are agreed on >last_img read more

Labour market shows recovery but GDP is revised downwards

first_imgIRELAND’S ECONOMY WILL begin a steady recovery this year, with unemployment rates set to drop nearly two per cent in the next two years.That is the finding of the latest EY Economic Eye report.However, the country’s economic output has been revised downwards for both 2014 and 2015.GDP will contract for this year and grow by 1.6 per cent and 1.9 per cent in 2014 and 2015 respectively.Unemployment levels will remain high, but are set to stabilise in 2013 at 13.7 per cent before modestly improving to 12.9 per cent and 11.9 per cent in 2014 and 2015 respectively.The report predicts that current high net migration outflows will stabilise and decline gradually over the next decade, reaching zero by around 2020.Neil Gibson, Economic Advisor to EY Economic Eye said the predictions showed long-awaited recovery.“We can finally report “green shoots” of recovery in the All Island domestic economy. Exports have done their best to prop up the Island economy and have made a sizeable contribution to GDP.“The Irish labour market is finally growing and, encouragingly, the growth is evident across a broad range of sectors providing confidence that the recovery will be a sustainable one.”Read: Decision on credit line will make it ‘more difficult’ to access future supportsRead: Tough decisions ahead regardless of Troika involvement – Ministerlast_img read more

Half a million euro worth of cannabis seized as gardaí target drugs

first_imgOVER HALF A million euro worth of drugs has been seized at a house in west Dublin, following a garda operation yesterday evening.Gardaí from Kevin Street Drug Unit, supported by officers from the local area, carried out a planned search of the house on Sundrive Road, Dublin 12.Cannabis herb with an estimated street value of around €570,000 was seized.“Other items associated with the supply of drugs were also recovered,” according to gardaí.No arrests have been made.The raid, carried out as part of an intelligence-led operation, was aimed at dismantling a criminal network operating in the area.Read: Missing Irish surfer Stuart Butler has still not been foundlast_img

All 37 Donegal councillors got a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 costing

first_imgDONEGAL COUNCILLORS MUST have thought Christmas had come early today as they were all given a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.All 37 councillors received one of the devices during today’s council meeting and they were also promised a new printer to go with it according to a report by Highland Radio’s Barry Whyte.CostThe new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 costs between €290 – €350. The cost to the taxpayer for these new tablets is in the region of of €10,000 – €13,000, not including the cost of the new printers that councillors have yet to receive.The tablet is believed to be encrypted so that council documents can be kept private. The tablets were given to councillors so they could access their emails while also trying to make the council paperless. Poll Results: Speaking to, Leas Cathaoirleach Nicholas Crossan said that the tablets would certainly be worth it, stating that they will help them streamline their work, communicate with officials and constituents by email and allow for all the council agendas to be online rather than paper.He defended the cost, saying, “over the next five years, they will certainly have earned their keep. It will be much handier for our council work”.Crossan added that most people have laptops these days and that everything is technology based so it was understandable that the council wanted to streamline council business in this way. He said the matter was not raised or discussed in the council today, adding:I think it is just a storm in a tea cup really.What do you think? Should councillors be given tablet devices for work purposes? I don’t know (167) No (2185) Source: Barry Whyte/Twitter YesNoI don’t knowVoteRead: Call for inquiry into claims of Donegal planning improprietiesRead: In late twist, Donegal County Council passes budget by a single vote Yes (1398) Some of the Cllrs have openly admitted to me that they have no idea how to work their new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4s, training to be provided— Barry Whyte (@BarryWhyte85) July 28, 2014last_img read more

A Tablet For Babies

first_imgHey, it’s yet another tablet. Of course, this one has a very important distinction–it’s for those tiny humans we call babies. The above tablet is a prototype of the Vinci, a forthcoming tablet aimed firmly at people with soft spots in their developing skulls. The device was designed by a company called Rullingnet. It’s a pretty standard looking tablet surrounded by a silicon guard. The Vinci comes pre-loaded with games for babies–educational ones designed to “inspire the genius in our children.” The game I saw demoed taught kids not to eat teddybears (seriously). Genius? Maybe not, but certainly a valueable lesson for those who don’t want to end up with a face full of stuffing.The company is trying to get the product out in the first half of this year. No word on price, but a rep told me that they’re gunning for between $300 and $500. A pretty pricey teething ring, no doubt.last_img read more

Asus Releasing 200 Netbook

first_imgAsus is gearing up for a release of a budget-friendly netbook. The computer should run between $200 to $250.The new netbook will have two OS options–Android and Chrome. Asus will also offer a similar netbook with full Windows 7 installed at $500. No plans for a Linux edition as of yet.No firm release date set for the netbook yet. Via TG Dailylast_img

Geek Deals Samsung 46inch 3D LED HDTV with 2x 3D glasses 200

first_imgSome of you might ask, “Why has 3D theater technology popped up again? It wasn’t anything special in the 80’s and I don’t recall anyone asking for it now, so why has it made a comeback? I sure don’t want it!”Want it or not, 3D is back in full force thanks to some combination of Hollywood and electronics manufacturers. Some Hollywood “visionaries” see it as the next way to further immerse people in their films and the electronics industry likely sees some combination of replicating the theater experience and capitalizing on a new market.AdChoices广告Whatever combination of conspiracies has brought it about, 3D is becoming more and more common in home theater electronics and is almost hard to avoid these days. To help expose you to the 3D world, Samsung is bundling a two pairs of their active shutter 3D glasses with one of their 2011 model 3D HDTVs. The Samsung UN46D6400 HDTV measures in at 46-inches, with the usual 1080p resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. Being a 2011 model, you will also get an LED backlight and integrated web apps like Netflix awaiting your internet connection.Dell is chopping $300 off the price of this TV and throwing in the aforementioned 3D glasses for a total for $1,299.99 with free shipping. It doesn’t stop there though as they are also including a $200 Dell eGift Card that will let you pick up a 3D Blu-ray player or whatever other electronics tickle your fancy from the Dell store.Visit LogicBuy for the Samsung UN46D6400 46-Inch 3D HDTV deallast_img read more

Humble Indie Bundle adds 5 more games

first_imgThe 3rd iteration of the charity-friendly Humble Indie Bundle has been doing swift business over the past few weeks. Revenue from the offer of 5 games plus access to Minecraft for a couple of weeks is about to reach $1.5 million and 277,000 bundles sold. But the team behind it have had a new idea to boost revenue yet further for the last 5 days.If you purchase the bundle any time before August 9, and spend more than the average for the day, you will receive the Humble Indie Bundle 2 games as well. That means as well as gaining access to Cogs, VVVVVV, Hammerfight, and And Yet it Moves, you will also receive Braid, Cortex Command, Machinarium, Osmos, and Revenge of the Titans.Don’t forget the bonus game Steel Storm is also thrown in for free, and the access to Minecraft on offer too. It’s is a fantastic deal that also sees Child’s Play and the EFF benefit too depending on how you to decide to split the money you are spending between them and the developers.As we reported earlier in the week, Linux users are paying the most by far for the bundle. They were averaging $11.63 per purchase compared to $6.61 for Mac gamers and $3.80 for the Windows crowd. Those averages have now increased slightly to $11.80, $7.14, and $4.45, and will probably continue to do so at a faster rate as gamers spend a little more to get the extra games.Whichever way you look at it the bundle is still a bargain, and to get the extra five games today you only have to spend more than $5.38. With the average rising though, it’s sure to be higher tomorrow making the 10+ game bundle more expensive the longer you wait to buy.More at Humble Bundlelast_img read more

Man enters hospital for tonsil surgery claims he left with GPS tracking

first_imgI don’t know anyone who enjoys going to the hospital, especially when surgery is involved. But usually, if you have an operation and then get the all clear to leave it’s a time of relief and relaxation. For Michael Woolman of Lincoln, Nebraska, it was a time of confusion and disbelief.Woolman attended Baylor Health Hospital for tonsil and sinus surgery. After the surgery had been completed he needed to go to the bathroom and discovered his armpit was bloody. Although at the time he thought nothing more of it, he later discovered that the surgeon had implanted him with a GPS tracking device without knowledge or consent being given.Now Woolman has brought a lawsuit against Baylor Health Hospital for breaching his civil rights and medical malpractice.The lawsuit is a difficult one to comprehend mainly because it seems Woolman has written his own lawsuit documents which are less than clear. For example, in the section asking what relief he wants, he simply states the “pain and suffering and mental anguish” the hospital put him through rather than describing what his desirable outcome is. There’s also no detail on how he discovered a GPS chip had been implanted.If you read the lawsuit filing it’s clear to see this is not written by a lawyer and is actually incredibly difficult to make sense of due to the style of writing. Here’s Woolman’s description of what happened as an example:If it turns out to be a valid claim, then Baylor could be in serious trouble. Carrying out a surgical procedure without consent on its own is serious, but to have a system in place for implanting and then tracking patients as well takes this to a whole new level.I find it hard to believe a hospital would choose to do this and see no logical reason why they would. We won’t know all the circumstances and details surrounding this claim, as well as Baylor’s response to it until the lawsuit comes to court.Read more at the Dallas Observerlast_img read more

Get an extra 25GB of storage in the Dropbox Great Space Race

first_imgAmong the many cloud storage services available today, Dropbox has continued to stand out from the pack by providing lots of ways to earn extra free storage. They offer an additional 500MB for referrals, and 125MB for connecting a Facebook account, following Dropbox on Twitter, or just providing feedback. Today the company announced a new way to get an even bigger boost to your storage limit: The Great Dropbox Space Race.By registering a college email address and installing the Dropbox client, you’ll earn points for your school. As the school’s point total climbs, everyone who participates can earn extra free storage for the next two years. Each person gets an extra 3GB just for signing up for the Space Race, but if the school reaches the top tier, the total bonus space will hit 25GB.If you’ve already got a Dropbox account that’s registered with a non-school email account, you can still participate by verifying your school address on the Space Race page. By registering you’ll earn 1 point for your school, and you can then tack on an additional 2 points by going through the Dropbox “Get Started” guide. If you refer one of your classmates to the promotion, you’ll also earn 1 point when he or she registers, and 2 when he or she completes the guide. And all of those referrals will still earn you the usual 500MB bonus.There are four reward levels of 3GB, 8GB, 15GB, and 25GB. The number of points needed to reach them are different for each school, and are normalized according to the school’s total enrollment. So even if you’re at a smaller school, you’ve still got a shot at hitting that 25GB mark.Read more at the Dropbox bloglast_img read more

Xbox Live Gold is free this weekend hurry up and log in

first_imgIf you’ve never had an Xbox Live Gold subscription before to know what it’s all about, fear not, as Microsoft is running a free Xbox Live Gold weekend.This means you can play games online, browse the Internet, talk to your friends using Video Kinect, use TV and movie services such as Netflix, NBA Game Time, Rogers Anyplace TV and Crackle plus, and access music services like Xbox Music, MUZU.TV and Vevo. The free Gold weekend is available to residents of the US, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan.Essentially, it’s available to everyone except Europe, which has caused a number of complaints. However, Major Nelson, director of programming at Microsoft, commented that they alternate regions when it comes to free Gold weekends so it “all equalizes out in the end.” If your country isn’t included, you can guarantee Microsoft will get around to you at some point. Case in point, the UK recently had an exclusive free Gold weekend.The free Gold weekend started November 29th and will end on December 3rd at 9:00am PST. So if your Gold subscription has run out recently, or if you simply want to see what the service is like, get on your Xbox 360 now. Enjoy the likes of Halo 4‘s multiplayer and a huge variety of entertainment services while you can.More at Xbox via Major Nelsonlast_img read more

Video proves runways can just disappear in heavy rain

first_imgHave you ever been on a flight that’s coming into land and then suddenly powers the engines back up and goes around for another attempt? It may be a poor approach, instruction from the tower, or the decision could be taken simply because the runway has disappeared.That last one seems unlikely, right? But the video below proves that in the right weather conditions the pilot’s view of a runway can quite suddenly disappear.The cause in this particular case is a very heavy column of rain that adjusts the pilot’s visibility to just about zero. In this case it didn’t get too severe until they had gone past the 200 feet mark. The pilot believes when they pulled the aircraft up it was only around 50 feet off the ground. The crew were also prepared for this to happen and that’s why the whole thing went so smoothly, it’s also why he had his phone camera positioned to record the event.As a passenger, when this happens it can be pretty scary because you don’t know what is going on, but ultimately it was the safer option to take than attempting to continue the landing.Apparently this particular flight was a Boeing 737 business jet and it had plenty of fuel on board. They landed around 15 minutes later when the rain had cleared and the sun was shining. Such aircraft do have instrument landing systems on board that can make a landing in very poor visibility, but even they have their limits and in this case the crew thought better of relying on it.last_img read more

Militant hardliners or Nazis How those challenging the status quo are labelled

first_img Monday 26 Feb 2018, 6:30 AM 20,722 Views Short URL Assistant professor of history, Gonzaga University, Washington ‘Militant, hard-liners or Nazis’ – How those challenging the status quo are labelled Language is used in a manipulative way to make one side of the debate seem practical and free of ideological bias and the other side as completely unreasonable. Caoimhín De Barra Share257 Tweet Email1 Feb 26th 2018, 6:31 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article THE HUNGARIAN SOCIOLOGIST Karl Mannheim observed that at the core of any public debate is a clash of two ideologies. One is usually the dominant ideology, supporting the status quo, while the other is the challenging ideology, which seeks to bring about some kind of change.The reason the dominant ideology is usually so successful, according to Mannheim, is precisely its ability to deny that it is an ideology at all. Supporters of it insist that their position is based on nothing more than cool reason and logic, while accusing their opponents of being irrational fanatics who are incapable of clear-headed thinking.I was reminded of this in hearing about comments recently made by Pat Kenny during his morning show on Newstalk. He recalled driving through West Cork a few years ago and noticing that in the lead up to a bad series of bends, there was a sign saying “Go Mall” to tell motorists to slow down.Kenny felt that this would likely lead American tourists to think that they were approaching a shopping mall rather than a dangerous stretch of road, and blamed this potential confusion on “quite militant Irish language activists”.‘Hardline zealots’This is exactly the kind of thing Mannheim was referring to. Kenny felt that he was simply raising a practical concern. Of course, in order for this problem to arise, we must assume that Americans will believe that yellow road warning signs have been repurposed to notify them, through pidgin English, that they have stumbled upon a shopping metropolis in the wilds of the Múscraí Gaeltacht.We also must assume that there were no other signs in English. Signs solely in Irish do exist in the Gaeltacht, but they are almost always in addition to, rather than in replacement of, the regular road signs we find across Ireland.But it was Kenny’s choice of the word “militant” to describe Irish language supporters that was most interesting. This automatically labels those who might disagree with Kenny as aggressive, hardline zealots, lacking the cool, detached logical worldview of people like himself.There is a well-worn path used to discredit supporters of the Irish language. People depict them as frothing at the mouth in their eagerness to impose their wicked totalitarian nightmare upon us all. Those who oppose them, of course, are imagined as entirely sensible and rational, completely free of anything so sordid as an “ideology”.Dominant ideologiesThis kind of language is not confined to the Irish language debate. In fact, anyone who seeks to challenge some social norm is likely to be on the receiving end of it. Feminism is an ideology that seeks to change the position of women in society relative to men. What do those who disagree label them? Militants and Feminazis, people who think irrationally because of their blind hatred of men.We see similar language in Scotland on the question of independence. It isn’t a coincidence that opponents of the SNP use the derogatory name “Nats” to discredit them.Indeed, Britain has given us a wonderful example of how dominant ideologies mask their presence in two monumental referendums they recently held, on the question of Scottish independence in 2014, and the Brexit vote in 2016.The 2014 referendum was a contest between two different nationalisms, British and Scottish. But that is not how it was depicted in the media. British nationalism, by virtue of supporting the status quo, was able to blend into the background. Its supporters depicted themselves as inclusive, enlightened, fiscally responsible, outward looking and tolerant people. On the other hand, they painted independence advocates as xenophobic, parochial, economically hair-brained extremists.But in 2016, British nationalism was the ideology seeking to overturn the status quo, and was visible to the naked eye. Broadly speaking, the principles upon which one would argue against Scottish independence and against a British withdrawal from the European Union are very similar. But many of those who opposed Scottish independence made an about-face upon these principles that they supposedly based their opposition on.‘Enlightened high ground’ All of the major supporters of Brexit today, like Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, David Davis and Jacob Rees-Mogg, were opponents of Scottish independence in 2014. This shows that their views were never shaped entirely by logic or rationality, but rather always had a significant ideological bent. In 2014, Johnson wrote prior to the independence vote that the Scots “have yet to think through the horrific financial and constitutional implications of…divorce.” Mercifully, he would never make a mistake like that himself.The point is, if you closely examine those who have claimed the enlightened high ground for themselves, their level-headedness can be something of a mirage. Try tracking some of those people who refer to feminists as militant Nazis. You will often find them organizing, without any apparent sense of irony, coordinated attacks against those they disagree with on the message boards of 4chan.So remember the teachings of Mannheim the next time you see someone throwing around the word “militant”. They might not be quite as free of ideology as they would have you believe.Caoimhín De Barra is Assistant Professor for Irish History and Culture at Drew University, New Jersey.Read: ’There’s a deep-rooted hatred toward the indigenous culture of Ireland, above all its language’> 73 Comments By Caoimhín De Barralast_img read more