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What’s the Next Big Thing for Flash?

first_imgA few years ago, flash technology emerged as a hot topic in the IT industry, with analysts, pundits, and vendors agreeing that it would be the next game-changer in IT, changing not only the enterprise storage landscape but the data center as a whole. As I look at EMC’s 2013 product roadmap, the abundance of flash deployed in our customers’ environments, and the increasingly competitive landscape, I realize that flash is no longer a future game-changer.  In fact, flash has changed the game.  Flash has become ubiquitous, with enterprises implementing it throughout their infrastructures in the storage, server, and network.  Flash is now the universal norm, deployed in nearly all enterprise environments for drastic performance improvement.In 2013, I believe the industry will move beyond promoting the benefits of flash technology and shift to exploring the new opportunities and use cases that flash opens up for enterprises.  Flash will become the key enabler for data center consolidation and application performance initiatives, consequently facilitating larger IT initiatives such as virtualization and cloud computing.  This will allow companies of all sizes to combine innovative software with flash hardware to exploit maximum efficiency, performance, and cost-effectiveness in all types of environments—from the world’s largest and most demanding enterprises to the most demanding social sites.  In 2013, we will see customers realize the power of flash, marrying it with other technology resources and strategies to deliver compute and storage power, turbo-charging IT assets for top-shelf performance.Without question, the industry will continue to ride this flash tidal wave, with ongoing innovation in flash-based systems and flash-aware software.  But as some of us know all too well, the high-tech industry is both blessed and cursed with the recurring advent of the “next big thing.”So what is the “next big thing” for flash?  Flash will continue to evolve and transform the industry with innovations such as lithography shrinks and next-generation 3D technologies.  And the industry will begin to turn its eyes to the next wave of potential technology investments—one being Phase-Change Memory (PCM).  A type of non-volatile random-access memory, PCM could begin to augment existing offerings by delivering an alternative storage option with even lower latencies than flash and speeds approaching that of DRAM.last_img read more

Lightning Speed: The Profitable Future of 5G

first_imgWe’re poised to see a quantum leap in telecom technology – and 5G will be at the center as the most powerful, efficient, and intelligent set of mobile phone and data communication capabilities to date.  Telecom providers need to begin transforming their networks for the 5G future today, while continuing to confront myriad legacy struggles ‒ including 4G/LTE build outs, shrinking customer revenue, and increased competition from OTT (over-the-top) competitors.Preparing for 5G while keeping the lights on for today’s business is a heavy lift, but progress is already underway. The good news is many providers are further along the 5G migration path than they may realize. According to IDC[1], 68% of telecom leaders are actively implementing or planning network virtualization.Network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) are key to updating the three network areas that providers need to transform when creating a 5G network:  the radio access network, the core network, and the service creation layer.NFV and SDN help create a composable network core that decouples the user and control planes, allowing services and applications to be moved closer to the network edge and providing the flexibility to meet the high bandwidth, low latency requirements and scale needed to support 5G.What business benefits will 5G deliver for telecom providers?  Running a faster network enables more rapid, comprehensive data collection, which can increase revenue, enhance network performance, improve customer experience and retention and accelerate new services and revenue opportunities.These advantages are not a given.  To experience the full power of 5G, providers will need to adopt an “intelligence-first” approach to managing core networks. Providers should begin work now to increase their network intelligence and implement analytics as this investment will pay dividends in the short and long terms. Real-time network insight – gleaned from continuously streaming session control, subscriber events/data, and other data events ‒ is an essential enabler of network and operational intelligence.Below are just a few examples from a Dell EMC study that show how real-time analytics can help providers streamline networks and optimize revenues[2]:One provider reduced call center traffic and saved $28 million in unnecessary data usage rebates after providing call center agents with a detailed customer data dashboardAnother enterprise cut the number of calls about mobile data usage that escalated to second or third line support and saved $7 million annually on a base of 10 million customersA third provider increased conversion campaign results by 30% by identifying dynamic segments of customers eligible for a data plan upgrade and sending personalized offers in real-timeBy combining real-time analytics with the flexibility introduced by network virtualization, telecom operators can stream network data in real-time and generate the insights needed to achieve results like these and much more.  But how can providers rapidly process and analyze the massive amounts of network data to unearth such vital and valuable insights?Dell EMC has partnered with Affirmed Networks to create an industry- first and “intelligence first” implementation of integrated virtual probes with Affirmed’s Virtual Evolved Packet Core that streams data in an open format to Dell EMC’s underlying platform that can provide complex event processing on the data in realtime or store it in a data lake for historical analytics.  View our infographic for more information and to see more real world examples of what virtual probes and data analytics can do for telecom.The future of 5G is closer than we think.  A real-time analytics investment today can put telecom providers in a strong position to leverage 5G networks and increase network intelligence well into the future._______________________________________________________________________________[1] Skillsets at a Virtual Crossroad, Part 4 of, The Transformative CIO: The Power and Challenges of Change, IDC, 2015 (https://app-eu.clickdimensions.com/blob/ericssoncom-ar0ma/files/transformativeciopart4.pdf).[2] Bringing Virtual Probes and Analytics Together for the Next-Generation Mobile Network, Dell EMC, 2016.last_img read more

Dell Design and Engineering Honored at CES 2018

first_imgAt CES 2018, we unveiled a suite of elegant new products and software with innovations designed to improve performance, functionality and the overall user experience.“Barely had the press release been flung to every corner of the earth before the XPS 13 was bestowed with a CES Innovation Award,” noted TechAdvisor. “Just like last year. It seems Dell has cut a niche for building a high-end Windows laptop that looks good on an executive’s desk as well as performing well in all conditions.”Dell XPS 13, CES 2018 Innovation AwardsYes, the XPS 13 was once again honored by the Consumer Technology Association after undergoing a complete redesign.“While it might not look particularly different from previous models – the sleek design and infinity display are still present and correct – there’s plenty going on that makes this a major upgrade,” noted Trusted Reviews.The new rose gold and alpine white color options are very visible additions, and it’s thinner and lighter, with even narrower borders on the InfinityEdge 4K Ultra HD display. But inside, the Dell Power Manager delivers power just when you need it, and GORE Thermal Insulation – the same silica aerogels used in the Mars Rover to diffuse and dissipate heat – keeps the system cool.“It’s hard to maintain the balance between 2-in-1 portability and laptop functionality, but Dell has walked that tightrope,” Digital Trends noted.Dell’s XPS portfolio has won more product awards than any other brand in our company’s history. But you might be surprised by a couple of other honorees in the annual CES Innovation Awards program – like the materials that help deliver a new XPS 13 to your doorstep.Dell Ocean Plastics Packaging, CES 2018 Best of Innovation AwardsFirst announced as a pilot program almost a year ago, and even more years in the making, Dell has created our industry’s first ocean-bound plastic packaging. This year that packaging was recognized at the Best of Innovation level, which is given to only the highest-rated product or technology in each category of the CES Innovation Awards.“You’d be forgiven for thinking there’s nothing remarkable about the plastic packaging trays that hold new laptops inside their cardboard boxesShare“You’d be forgiven for thinking there’s nothing remarkable about the plastic packaging trays that hold new laptops inside their cardboard boxes,” FastCompany said. “But this year, Dell transformed those banal objects into an experiment in rescuing and reusing 16,000 pounds of plastic this year that otherwise would’ve ended up in the oceans.”The ocean plastics supply chain process is made of multiple stages: Dell’s partners intercept ocean plastics at the source in waterways, shorelines and beaches before it reaches the ocean. Then the used plastics are processed and refined. The ocean plastic is then mixed with other recycled HDPE plastics from sources like bottles and food storage containers. Finally, the resulting recycled plastic flake is molded into new trays for final packaging and customer delivery.It’s just one of the ways our Dell Packaging team designs and sources all our product packaging to be more than 93 percent recyclable by weight so that it can be reused as part of the circular economy.Dell Advanced 4K Laser Projector, CES 2018 Innovation AwardsAnother honoree you might not expect from Dell is our Advanced 4K Laser Projector.“If you dream of owning an 80-inch-plus 4K television but cry out at the idea of spending $10,000 and up, Dell has a new laser projector that might be the perfect solution,” said SlashGear when this product launched.“Projectors often need to be placed several feet from the wall it’s displaying on, but this model is ultra-short throw, meaning it needs only 4 inches of space between the wall to produce that 100-inch 4K image.”Alienware 34 Curved Gaming Monitor, CES 2018 Innovation AwardsAnd while we may not be as well-known for our projectors as we’d like, Dell is definitely known for great monitors – already they’ve made Cnet’s list of “Best Monitors for 2018” and we’re less than two weeks into the year.But it was our Alienware 34 Curved Gaming monitor that was honored by CES this year. Giving it four and a half out of five stars in their review, TechRadar noted, “The Alienware AW3418DW is the fastest gaming monitor with a 21:9 ultrawide aspect ratio on the market today, with an overclocked refresh rate of 120Hz.”It also features an ultrathin three-sided bezel and unique step-venting details that help dissipate heat and maximize performance. And because we know looks are just as important as performance, it has premium, polished silver finish and Triad lighting.While each of these products received special recognition this week, they’re only some of the ways we’re reimagining possibilities from the office to the living room. Discover more innovative and award-winning products on Dell.com.https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=15&v=1aoOT-PGUfYlast_img read more

Reduce Product Development Costs and Increase Innovation

first_imgI know that the headline sounds contradictory. Maybe you’re scratching your head and asking yourself how is that even possible but read on! All will be revealed.For decades, product development organizations have traditionally used heterogeneous, component-level hardware and software for their designs, depending largely on in-house mechanical and electrical engineering to differentiate their products. However, as the well-known song goes, the times they are a changing. If your organization is involved in product development, you’ve already seen first-hand how the Edge is transforming business model and product functionality goals.A new product system lifecycleRemote monitoring, AI and virtualization are transforming the product system lifecycle from design through production and service. Huge volumes of data, the advanced connectivity of 5G plus the adoption of new technologies are all driving digital disruption. Business value is moving from products to the data generated by products, and the business insights they deliver. As a result, workload demands are becoming ever more complex with increasing demand for standards-based, integrated computing platforms.New customer demandsThis all means that new demands are being placed on product developers and solution builders. In addition to delivering on the technical side, you now have to think about supporting your customers to generate new revenue streams, build as-a-service models, create account stickiness, and ensure end user satisfaction. However, ever-changing specifications, schedule and cost overruns continue to present challenges.Key trends in product developmentWhat impact does all this have on technical decision-making? As part of a global research study in partnership with Intel and Dell Technologies OEM Solutions, VDC Research surveyed over 700 product decision-makers and engineers to gain insights into best practices and key business and technical trends.Respondents were drawn from a diverse range of industries including automotive, aerospace and defense, healthcare, industrial automation, and transportation. Hot off the press, the report makes for interesting reading. I’ve highlighted some key findings below but we’re looking forward to sharing more with you at our upcoming webinar on February 18th.Partnership rocksAt a top level, the research reinforces the undisputed power of partnership. By strategically outsourcing more of the integrated compute and related development, test, and management with Tier one partners, VDC Research found that you can bring differentiated solutions to market faster and at lower cost. In particular, there are huge benefits and cost savings associated with leveraging commercial hardware systems instead of relying on traditional in-house, component-based engineering.Dramatically cut development cost and reduce time to marketThe results speak for themselves and will transform how product development is managed. For example, did you know that companies using commercial hardware platforms cut their total development cost by 70%, compared to those sourcing only component-level technology?In fact, commercial hardware platform users are 2X as likely to complete their projects ahead of schedule than those that rely on component-level technology from third parties. As you can imagine, this speed translates into earlier revenue returns and expanded product profitability. One organization reported that the use of a Tier 1 commercial solution helped improve profitability by over 50%.More time for innovationTime is money. The study shows that organizations sourcing complete commercial hardware platforms are able to devote nearly 2X more of their time in developing differentiating IP, such as that focused on analytics and cloud connectivity, instead of spending it on lower-value tasks. In fact, bringing in additional expertise and leveraging third-party services increases the likelihood of beating schedules by a staggering 4X!Improve scale & serviceAnd that’s not even to focus on the additional benefits associated with scaling up and after-sales services. A Tier 1 technology provider can help you manage supply chains, provide global serviceability, and offer broader ecosystems with supporting technology and expert partners.A business imperativeYou cannot afford to ignore these results. It’s a no-brainer! You have to focus your time where it matters most. It’s time to urgently re-valuate your design choices, review your network. It’s time to refocus your efforts on cutting costs, while simultaneously driving innovation and ROI. You have to select the right technology and the right partner to help you optimize your solutions and keep pace with both market dynamics and the evolving requirements of end users.Dell Technologies OEM Solutions and its expert partner network are ready to collaborate with you to design solutions to meet current challenges, while focusing on tomorrow’s opportunities. We do this, using either industry-standard or customized hardware, all built around open standards to allow you and your customers to focus on your IP and pivot fast to address new opportunities. Join a conversation with VDC Research and Dell Technologies OEM Solutions to learn how you can focus on your IP, reduce costs and time to market with the right set of technology and capabilities. Register now for our webinar on March 4th, 2021 at 10:00 AM Central & on demand afterwards for a limited time.United States webcastCanada and Latin America webcastEMEA webcastAPJ webcast Learn more about what we do in at Dell Technologies OEM SolutionsFollow us on [email protected] in touch! Join our LinkedIn Dell Technologies OEM Solutions Showcase page.last_img read more



Mother of pepper-sprayed 9-year-old says daughter is coping

first_imgThe mother of a 9-year-old Black girl who was handcuffed and pepper-sprayed by police says the fourth-grader typically is “a giant teddy bear” who loves music and playing the video game Fortnite. The Rochester mother, Elba Pope, questioned Wednesday whether race was a factor in how her daughter was treated. She says if police officers had viewed her child as if she was one of their own children, they wouldn’t have pepper-sprayed her. Pope’s daughter was detained after becoming emotional during a family dispute Friday. The mother is calling for the officers to be fired and for police to improve the way they deal with mental health issues.last_img

AP sources: Alabama senator has indicated he won’t run again

first_imgMONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — U.S. Sen. Richard C. Shelby of Alabama has indicated to some confidantes that he doesn’t intend to run for reelection next year. Some Republicans are urging the chamber’s fourth most senior member to reconsider. Others are preparing to run for his seat. The information comes from allies of the senator who are not authorized to discuss the matter and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. Shelby spokeswoman Blair Taylor said Shelby has not announced a decision about 2022 election but should do so in the coming weeks.last_img

California man survives 7 days stuck on snowy mountain road

first_imgDOWNIEVILLE, Calif. (AP) — A California man survived a week stranded in the Sierra Nevada after following his GPS navigation system down a treacherous mountain road and getting hemmed in by deep snow. The Sierra County Sheriff’s office says 29-year-old Harland Earls was rescued by a helicopter crew Sunday, hours after emergency dispatchers tracked his cellphone to a unplowed county road in the heart of Tahoe National Forest. Authorities say he was in good condition after being holed up in his pickup truck. His mother said he rationed food and used a propane heater to melt snow to drinking water.last_img

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