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Flooding forces officials to move ‘Family Fun Night’ location

first_imgOsgood, In. — Due to flooding, Margaret Mary Health has moved the “Family Fun Night” to the Ripley County 4-H Fairgrounds in Osgood.All are welcome to a free night of strengthening families, building community connections and encouraging positive choices.last_img

Butterfly Swarm Buries Darwin

first_imgBillions of butterflies, flashing their gossamer wings with brilliant colors, have swarmed over Darwin, leaving him unable to breathe.  Figuratively, that is.  Illustra Media’s new documentary Metamorphosis, just released on Blu-Ray last week, leaves little room for Darwin’s theory, while making a powerful case for intelligent design.  The film is already being hailed as a masterpiece. Featuring some of the most beautiful footage of butterflies and their amazing life cycles from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to flying insect, with information and music to match, Metamorphosis breaks new ground in butterfly research.  Animations based on MRI imaging of a chrysalis show for the first time how organs are broken down and rebuilt inside within ten days.  Electron micrographs zoom in on the antennae, compound eyes, legs and wings of butterflies.  Stunning close-ups of egg-laying, caterpillar molts, chrysalis formation and emergence show phenomena rarely witnessed by non-scientists.  The story of the Monarch butterfly migrations to Mexico is told with some of the most wondrous shots ever made of millions of butterflies flying through the air in remote mountain forest colonies only discovered in the 1970s. Metamorphosis presents 46 minutes of fascinating science about butterflies before asking how such natural wonders could come about.  By then, the photos and information have laid such a strong foundation of intelligent design, the arguments against Darwinian evolution are almost academic.  But they are well stated: neo-Darwinism cannot account for the origin of two body plans (caterpillar and insect) in the same genome, in a process that destroys one and rebuilds it into another.  It would be like a car encasing itself in a garage, recycling its parts, and emerging as a helicopter.  That whimsical analogy is actually an understatement, explains philosopher of biology Dr. Paul Nelson, because the butterfly is even more complex.  A caterpillar entering a chrysalis is entering a casket unless it has a plan and a coordinated process to emerge out the other side.  Most of the caterpillar’s tissues are consumed and reconstituted into organs that have no analogue in the caterpillar.  Developmental biologist Dr. Ann Gauger adds that an unguided processes like evolution, with no ability to foresee a goal, cannot account for one body plan, let alone two.  The message of Metamorphosis, though, does not end on a negative note – the bankruptcy of Darwinian theory.  Nelson and Gauger show that butterflies present a positive case for intelligent design.  The only cause capable of reaching an end goal is intelligence, they say.  That the end result is an object of great beauty, an aesthetically pleasing butterfly, its wings painted like works of art, is icing on the cake.  Metamorphosis includes the expertise of lepidopterist Ronald Boender, entomology department head Thomas Emmel and biology professor Richard P. Stringer along with Nelson and Gauger.  In the Bonus Features, Dr. Emmel, who has visited the Monarch colonies in Mexico every year for over 20 years, answers many additional questions about butterflies, and viewers can take tours of three American butterfly houses. The original orchestral score by Mark Lewis includes voices of world-class African-American singers; the pieces can be enjoyed separately in the Bonus Features as conert pieces.  The film is available on DVD and Blu-Ray at the Metamorphosis the Film website, where visitors can watch a 4-minute preview. This masterpiece of cinematography, music and scientific information is not only one of Illustra Media’s finest productions ever (which says a lot, considering the exceptional quality of Unlocking the Mystery of Life, Privileged Planet and Darwin’s Dilemma, but will appeal to everyone.  What child does not enjoy butterflies?  What adult doesn’t remember the childhood fascination of trying to capture and hold one of these amazing flying machines?  The subject interests us all, and no one brings a subject like this to the screen in a more satisfying way than Illustra Media.  For example, the combination of sight and sound in the scene of the Monarch colony discovery is so emotionally powerful, only a person in a coma could fail to be moved.  The presentation of intelligent design is gentle, reasonable, appealing.  The burden of proof will clearly be on the Darwinist to account for all they have just witnessed. This wonderful film (see also Melissa’s review) should be used by teachers, home schoolers, churches, study groups, and anyone not part of the Darwin Borg to drive home the clear, obvious message of design.  No religion is pushed, no scripture quoted; just the clear implication that the complexity and coordination of parts in a butterfly, more complex than our science can describe, requires a transcendent cause, an intelligent agent, that not only has a plan and means to accomplish it, but an appreciation for beauty.  That thought alone is enough to get the mental wheels turning down the track out of the Darwin prison into the joy of a designed, purposeful world.(Visited 52 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Carbon-neutral crop production featured in college program

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The next time you hear about carbon neutrality, think of food security and sustainable agriculture solutions. With 795 million people in the world who do not get enough food to lead healthy, active lives, you will hear about this issue more often.NCGA Director of Soil Health and Sustainability Dr. Nick Goeser, who also directs the Soil Health Partnership, recently participated in a highly innovative, hands-on design lab for university students to create solutions to the emerging challenge of a carbon neutral food supply. Berkeley Nourishing 9 Billion Solution Lab is at the center of hosting events on college campuses to focus on food security and sustainable agricultural solutions. The event took place at Washington University in St. Louis.Worldwide, 17 million children suffer from severe malnutrition and deadly conditions left untreated. With the world population growing from 7 billion to 9 billion people by 2050, the importance of surfacing solutions becomes apparent.“Business, industry and even individual consumers are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. In agriculture, farmers are looking to improve and expand carbon-neutral crop production methods such as conservation tillage and cover crops,” Goeser said. “Cover crops are plantings such as rye and clover that reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released while keeping key nutrients trapped in the soil.”Students attending the event discussed changes in public policy that would support or inhibit changes in farming practices; the role of precision ag, biotechnology, soil nutrition and fertilizers; and the carbon implications of organic versus conventional production techniques.“NCGA is partnering in a long-term initiative called the Soil Health Partnership that is collecting the data and communicating on the agricultural management practices that improve soil health, crop yields, economic performance, carbon sequestration and broader environmental performance,” he said. “Many farmers are already implementing innovative management practices. This farmer-led project provides a platform for information sharing that will be critical to agricultural sustainability.”“Carbon neutrality” is a term used to describe the action of organizations, businesses and individuals trying to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as each releases. The overall goal of carbon neutrality is to achieve a zero carbon footprint.last_img read more

Cartoon: The Thin #FF0000 Line

first_imgMore Noise to Signal. 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… rob cottingham Related Posts 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout Tags:#Cartoons#web Are you finding the same thing I am? Where you’re having a casual conversation with a friend, and you’re in the middle of saying something… well, not exactly secret, but not the sort of thing you want shared with the world… and you stop dead, suddenly worried that it might end up in their Twitter stream?When I’m talking to someone with a blog, a Twitter feed or even a Facebook account (which, these days, means nearly everyone), I’m often just a little guarded. I have my own guidelines and boundaries when I’m dealing with other people’s information – basically, if there’s any ambiguity, I ask permission before I share – but I know other people draw the line differently.Sometimes they’ll reveal a confidence but change a few details to protect identities. Or maybe they’d never do that, but they’ll readily tag an embarrassing party photo of you on Facebook.While some people lay down hard and fast rules about the new online etiquette, the reality is things are still a lot more fluid than many of us realize. You’ve just had lunch with a potential client; do you tweet that? You shot a hilarious video at the company picnic; do you upload it? And do we all just assume we’re all on the record, 24-7, until and unless we agree otherwise?Several years into the social media revolution, we’re still only making baby steps toward some kind of shared understanding of the terrain we’re walking on together. And in some ways, netiquette seems as nebulous a concept as ever. 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People…last_img read more

10 months agoLiverpool fullback Moreno: I’ve got contract offer. We’ll see

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say Liverpool fullback Moreno: I’ve got contract offer. We’ll seeby Freddie Taylor2018-12-27 22:41:29.000000Send to a friendShare the loveAlberto Moreno has revealed he has received a contract offer from Liverpool.The Spaniard has struggled for playing time since the emergence of Andy Robertson and will be out of contract in the summer. He will be free to talk to foreign clubs in January.And speaking to El Transistor, Moreno admits he could leave Anfield despite the new contract offer.He said: “Liverpool has proposed renewing me but no agreement has been reached, in January the market opens and we will see.”To this day we have nothing closed neither with Liverpool nor with other clubs.” last_img read more

Video: Notre Dame’s BB Team Gets Welcomed Home In South Bend To Roaring Applause From Fans

first_imgFans applaud Notre Dame basketball after return from near-upset of Kentucky.Notre Dame’s men’s basketball team played one of the best games we’ve seen from a squad in the NCAA Tournament Saturday night. The Fighting Irish’s valiant effort ultimately wasn’t enough, though, as they fell to undefeated Kentucky, 68-66. Still, Mike Brey’s team has plenty to be proud about this season; an ACC Tournament championship and an Elite Eight run highlight an awesome year. Following the loss to the Wildcats, Notre Dame’s fans welcomed their team home with roaring applause. Much-deserved welcome home for one of the best @FightingIrish teams you’ll ever see. Thanks, @NDmbb. pic.twitter.com/ET6mvODLlJ— Josh Flynt (@jflyntnd518) March 29, 2015That’s a great scene. Notre Dame’s run to the Elite Eight was the sixth in program history and the first since 1979.last_img read more

Video: 4-Star LSU Commit Cameron Lewis Scored A Touchdown On A Crazy 35-Yard Scramble In Scrimmage

first_imgCameron Lewis, LSU commit, scores a 35 yard touchdown.Twitter/@thatboycam1LSU’s roster is littered with impressive athletes every season, and they will be adding another one in 2016 athlete Cameron Lewis. The four-star plays quarterback and safety for Wossman High School, and shined in a recent scrimmage against Peabody. Lewis threw for two touchdowns, and added one each on the ground and as a receiver, but none was more impressive than this wild 35 yard scramble.Recap of yesterday I make it look easy pic.twitter.com/pKNpUD21xt— Cameron Lewis (@thatboycam1) August 24, 2015Lewis is expected to play safety at the next level, but based on this, he could make one heck of a punt returner as well.[TigerDroppings.com]last_img

Its Canada and UK v US airplane giant at trade tribunal hearing

first_imgWASHINGTON – In a test case for the aggressive use of trade penalties in Donald Trump’s America, the Canadian and British governments urged a U.S. tribunal Monday not to impose duties on Bombardier planesCanada’s ambassador to Washington argued that potential duties of up to 300 per cent on Bombardier’s C-Series jet were illegitimate and he urged the U.S. International Trade Commission to reject them.On the same day the ambassador was fighting one commercial dispute, the Trump administration released a new national security strategy mentioning trade almost five-dozen times, heralding an elbows-up attitude to trade in general.And, in New York state, the governor instituted a new law with Buy American provisions.MacNaughton listed several problems with the penalty on Bombardier. First, he said it’s rooted in speculation that American powerhouse Boeing will be hurt by Bombardier C-Series imports, the sort of conjecture forbidden not only under U.S. law, but also by World Trade Organization rules.Moreover, he told the commission there’s no evidence Bombardier planes will be exported to the U.S.; that the C-Series does not compete with similar-sized Boeing aircraft; that Boeing has a seven-year backlog in sales, invalidating its claim of an injury; and that duties would ultimately hurt Americans because Bombardier accounts for 23,000 jobs in nine U.S. states.The British ambassador to the U.S. made a similar case, and added another shot at Boeing. Kim Darroch argued that Boeing has benefited from billions in government support via different U.S. mechanisms, while it complains about subsidies elsewhere.MacNaughton acknowledged the broader implications of this fight.Speaking to reporters outside the hearing, he said anti-trade rhetoric in the U.S., not just from the Trump administration, has emboldened companies to launch commercial attacks on their foreign rivals.“What we are seeing is because of, in large measure, the rhetoric that exists in the United States at the present moment — and I’m not just referring to one source of the rhetoric, I’m talking broadly of the anti-trade rhetoric — it has given U.S. companies the permission to take action they wouldn’t have taken before,” MacNaughton said.“The real danger of this is it’s going to have a negative impact on U.S. jobs.”The Trump administration itself has boasted about how trade complaints like Boeing’s have surged since it took office. On Monday, it released a new national security strategy and listed trade as a top threat.“Economic security is national security,” it said the document. “Unfair trade practices (have) weakened our economy and exported our jobs.”In New York State, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a law with Buy American rules for steel and iron on bridges, more limited than earlier domestic-procurement rules Canadian premiers had lobbied against.Boeing argued that it’s Canada that is practising unfair trade.The company said public subsidies in Canada have allowed its rival to stay alive, and creep into potential markets. It said C-Series sales are already hurting its orders and claimed the recent Bombardier-Airbus partnership to build in Alabama is a ruse that would disappear if duties are rescinded.It’s hard to compete when your rival benefits from a bottomless source of funding from foreign taxpayers, said the president and chief executive officer of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Kevin McAllister.“Boeing makes the best airplanes in the world. But we can’t compete with companies funded and backed by governments,” McAllister said.“In a fair competition, I’ll bet on Boeing, our U.S. employees, and the U.S. industry every time. But we should only have to compete against private companies — not governments and the airplanes they create and produce through endless subsidies.”He cited examples of how hard it is to compete with government. For example, he noted that the Canadian government recently cancelled a big military contract for Boeing Super Hornets, in retaliation for the fight with Bombardier.He also argued that rock-bottom prices, subsidized by Canadian taxpayers, helped Bombardier swoop in to steal a contract with Delta, when that airline had initially looking to buy used airplanes in a deal brokered by Boeing.“Essentially Bombardier offered new airplanes at used airplane prices. And it worked,” McAllister said.He also cast this fight as something bigger. The Boeing executive explained how he grew up in Bethlehem, Pa., and saw the iconic Bethlehem Steel company shut down a generation ago, killed slowly by a variety of factors including dumped foreign steel.He said he now keeps a painting of the old plant in his office: “This left an impression on me.”One trade expert said the aircraft feud might have happened under any other presidency, as Boeing has the right to a bureaucratic investigation under American trade laws — independent of the politics.But Chad Bown, co-host of the “Trade Talks” podcast and senior fellow of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, said it’s notable that Boeing filed this case in the U.S., rather than going the usual route of past aircraft disputes: the WTO.“I would argue that Trump’s approach to trade policy made it more likely that Boeing would file this case,” Bown said.last_img read more

Video Live performances of The Tragically Hips hidden gems

first_imgBuoyed by that, they’re among the uniquely talented acts whose deep cuts get as rapturous a reception as the hits. Twitter Facebook LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Escape Is At Hand For The Travellin’ Man (From Phantom Power) Advertisementcenter_img The band are Canadian icons, but it wasn’t just name-checking hockey players and smaller dots on maps of the country that got them there. A lot of that can be chalked up to raucous live performances sharpened to a wicked edge by years of touring and anchored by Downie’s maniacal pacing and off-the-cuff monologues. Advertisement The tour announced by The Tragically Hip shortly after the band confirmed singer Gordon Downie’s brain cancer diagnosis kicks off in Victoria, B.C. Friday night. Login/Register With: There’s an argument to be made that this touching song about friends made on the road is the band’s best jam. A steady beat, an easily shouted chorus and a few guitar-borne whale sounds carry the lovely lyrics. Strapping on the guitar tends to anchor Downie to the stage, but his frenetic energy remains in this 2006 performance at The Phoenix in Toronto.last_img read more

McInnes issues rallying call ahead of Scottish Cup final

first_imgAberdeen manager Derek McInnes has demanded a “bigger performance” when his side faces Celtic in the Scottish League Cup final on Sunday.Aberdeen won the cup in 2014 and will be looking to lift the trophy again on Sunday when they holders Celtic at Hampden Park, and McInnes has called on his side to build on their fantastic run to the final as defeated three Scottish Premiership sides without conceding a goal.“We feel we have got the big performance in us to win the game,” McInnes told Sky Sports.“Celtic are the bigger club. They have got the bigger, better squad. But we are capable of a bigger performance on the day and that is what we will be looking for.”Mikey Johnston, CelticJohnston is disappointed after being injured Manuel R. Medina – September 11, 2019 Celtic winger Mikey Johnston was disappointed to miss Scotland Under 21 national team’s victories over San Marino and Croatia, and he hopes he can return to play soon.“In the last few months, we have had two very tight games against them.“The game we won there was nothing really in the game. We have come up with a big moment to get the three points and an important result.“The last two performances have been encouraging for us. Celtic are a good side – we all recognize that especially with where they are at the minute.“You have to get the balance right between attacking and defending. You have to try and recognize and nullify their key players from having an enjoyable day.“If they start enjoying the game it can be very difficult. We were far better in the second final against them and gave ourselves a chance to win.”last_img read more

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