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Carbon-neutral crop production featured in college program

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The next time you hear about carbon neutrality, think of food security and sustainable agriculture solutions. With 795 million people in the world who do not get enough food to lead healthy, active lives, you will hear about this issue more often.NCGA Director of Soil Health and Sustainability Dr. Nick Goeser, who also directs the Soil Health Partnership, recently participated in a highly innovative, hands-on design lab for university students to create solutions to the emerging challenge of a carbon neutral food supply. Berkeley Nourishing 9 Billion Solution Lab is at the center of hosting events on college campuses to focus on food security and sustainable agricultural solutions. The event took place at Washington University in St. Louis.Worldwide, 17 million children suffer from severe malnutrition and deadly conditions left untreated. With the world population growing from 7 billion to 9 billion people by 2050, the importance of surfacing solutions becomes apparent.“Business, industry and even individual consumers are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. In agriculture, farmers are looking to improve and expand carbon-neutral crop production methods such as conservation tillage and cover crops,” Goeser said. “Cover crops are plantings such as rye and clover that reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released while keeping key nutrients trapped in the soil.”Students attending the event discussed changes in public policy that would support or inhibit changes in farming practices; the role of precision ag, biotechnology, soil nutrition and fertilizers; and the carbon implications of organic versus conventional production techniques.“NCGA is partnering in a long-term initiative called the Soil Health Partnership that is collecting the data and communicating on the agricultural management practices that improve soil health, crop yields, economic performance, carbon sequestration and broader environmental performance,” he said. “Many farmers are already implementing innovative management practices. This farmer-led project provides a platform for information sharing that will be critical to agricultural sustainability.”“Carbon neutrality” is a term used to describe the action of organizations, businesses and individuals trying to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as each releases. The overall goal of carbon neutrality is to achieve a zero carbon footprint.last_img read more

Why Intrapreneurial Programs Are More Important Than Ever

first_imgRelated Posts Trends Driving the Loyalty Marketing Industry Tags:#Generation Z#intrapreneurship Steve Robertson is a Gen Z expert and the CEO of Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs, an organization specializing in youth-to-adult programs. In his role, he works to create lifelong memories. You’ve heard it before: Generation Z will be different. The generation admires YouTube celebrities who’ve acquired fame and fortune through monetizing their channels and entrepreneurs who’ve made a good living from one big idea. Gen Zers have grown up in a time when technology is a tool instead of a toy and when peers — not elders — are their mentors.But the Great Recession hit during their childhood, giving them a lived experience of loss and struggle that echoes the Silent Generation more than their recent generational predecessors. Consequently, though Millennials may prioritize personal endeavors over professional ones, Gen Z is likely to value the security of a steady income over the feeling of giving back to the world.For business leaders, this means hiring Gen Z will require an approach different from any taken before. Because the members of Gen Z aren’t worried about “freedom” so much as financial security, they won’t all want to be CEOs — even though they’re primed to be the most entrepreneurially minded generation yet. Instead, they’ll find value in contributing to the organization through intrapreneurship, or innovation that creates value within the company’s larger structure.Why not just have a ‘normal’ job?Gen Zers are familiar with making their own luck. They’ve monetized video content, they’ve used technology to find gig work, and they’ve probably already started some sort of side hustle. They value creativity and excel at leveraging creative components into something marketable. Members of this generation want stable employment and job security, but they also want to be their own bosses.A Gallup study of Gen Zers found that nearly 80 percent of students want to eventually be their own bosses, while a Millennial Branding report found that more than half of college students are eager to start their own businesses — a number that’s even higher among high school students.Entrepreneurship enables Gen Zers to forge a path for themselves, rather than being swept up in the current of the external world. It is a way for them to pioneer the future they want to see. So what does all this mean for business leaders and startups who want to be ready to onboard this large demographic? It means appealing to their unique abilities and interests early on by creating more intrapreneurial opportunities in your business.Generation Z’s creativity, dedication, innovation, and skills will be in high demand in the business world. What will attract these covetable employees to your business? Opportunities to practice their entrepreneurial desires in a safe and supported environment, plus room for growth and progression with reward within the organization they feel they’ve contributed to.Companies can offer Gen Z entrepreneurs a number of assets within the company that they can’t find on their own, including opportunities to work closely with and learn from experienced leaders. Entrepreneurship can be really lonely, but being part of a business that surrounds employees with supportive managers and intrapreneurial opportunities has value.How do you create an ‘intrapreneurial’ company?One big plus to intrapreneurship for Gen Zers is the ability to be an entrepreneur without the risks involved in failing. Any leader who pours money into startup risks it failing and the loss of that investment. For risk-averse Gen Zers, this is a dicey proposition, so offering them the opportunity to innovate from within a business without that risk of personal loss is immensely attractive to them.Tech companies, in particular, should make space for Gen Zers who’ve grown up enmeshed with the concept of gaming, gamification, and learning through games. Whether it’s through internships or other leadership avenues, empowering this generation puts companies in the best position to bring them on as future employees. Here’s how to make it happen:1. Embrace them. Older generations sometimes struggle with understanding and connecting with their younger counterparts. It’s important not to assume that your existing employees, managers, and leaders share the same mindset regarding the value of Gen Z workers.Getting everyone on board with you may take some serious work, but it’s truly essential for your business in years to come. Working with your current employees and getting them excited about what unique skills Gen Z offers can help them understand and become more accepting. Tech leaders should have some familiarity with Gen Zers, such as what tools they like (or don’t like) and how best to relate to them. Focusing on those factors builds a bridge for Gen Zers and shows them that your company is a place they want to flourish in.2. Choose your coaches carefully. Be deliberate in which managers and leaders you position to work with Gen Z employees. Coaching a Gen Z worker is impossible if you’re not willing to get down into the creative stream with them and go with their flow.You have to build a team of employees who are ready — and willing — to do that before you can successfully shift your company’s way of doing things to best utilize the Gen Z workforce. If you are unsure whether you’re ready, you might consider creating an internship that will allow your employees and Gen Z interns to learn how to work with each other in a more comfortable, low-risk environment.3. Don’t generalize. It’s important that you look at each person, entrepreneur, each member of Gen Z, as an individual. Though they may share some characteristics, each member of any generation is unique.When you are working with a Gen Z employee, learn his or her strengths and weaknesses. Then, do what any good coach would: Develop ways to amplify those strengths and work on those weaknesses while enabling them to see that they determine their own paths.4. Hand them the reins. As we know, Gen Z workers want jobs that are challenging, meaningful, and engaging. If you can offer them that, there’s a high chance you’ll receive long-term commitment from them. They also want to be better employees and are often aware of what areas they need to improve.Almost half of new graduates express the desire to develop better problem-solving skills and grow as managers. If they’re offered an experienced coach or team to give them feedback and help them grow in those areas, your outcome is likely to be excellent. Put them in charge of a project, and hold them accountable to deadlines, benchmarks, and incentives. Ownership gives Gen Zers — or any employee — a visual of what lies ahead. If they like what they see, you might’ve just earned a quality employee.5. Reorganize the furniture. This generation is amazing, but you’ll have to do some really important things to be ready for them. You have to reorganize the furniture — not literal furniture, of course, but the “furniture” of your business, because you have new “furniture” coming in.You have to reevaluate your business model and your brand story. Get familiar with that narrative and tell it to potential employees, and you’ll draw exactly the right people to your team. Tech companies might be selling high-concept gadgets and wears, but those solutions usually stem from some kind of need. Weave the gap your company filled into your company’s story in order to give employees power and purpose to stay on and pursue their own opportunities.If you are a leader in a tech field — which is every field these days — you need to know that this generation is redefining the world and its tech solutions. If you’re not embracing Gen Z, you are missing an incredible opportunity. If you are embracing Gen Z but not leveraging its talent, you won’t enjoy the benefits of working with these incredible young hires.You need to walk alongside your Gen Z workers and watch, notice, listen, and hear their heartbeats (or “hear their rhythm in the workplace and our society”) because it will affect the entire world. Data is telling us that it already is, and they’ve only just begun. Follow the Puck Steve RobertsonCEO of Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech …last_img read more

Deepika Padukone’s latest avatar is Goan

first_imgDeepika Padukone once again has delighted her fans, this time with her Goan look in her upcoming satirical thriller Finding Fanny, directed by Homi Adjania.Known to slip into different looks for every film, this time too Deepika has made a successful attempt to look a cheerful Goan belle.Deepika Padukone once again has delighted her fans, this time with her Goan look in her upcoming satirical thriller Finding Fanny.Sporting a floralprint short summer dress, with an apron over it, Deepika has conveniently stepped into her character of Angie in the film.Based on her Angie’s first look, that was revealed on Thursday, Deepika’s character carries a bit of a mystery as is visible in the picture in which she is spotted with a blood- stained cleaver.Adjania, who made a stunning Veronica out of Deepika in their earlier film Cocktail, may bring about a turning point in Deepika’s career with Finding Fanny.Fidning Fanny is an English Konkani satirical film about five Goans taking a road trip to look for a missing girl called Fanny. Anjali Patil, who was last seen in Prakash Jha’s film Chakravyuh, essays the role of Stefanie Fanny Fernandes.Deepika is known to experiment with her looks in most of her films. She started with a retro look in her debut film Om Shanti Om, opposite Shah Rukh Khan, in which she played a ‘ 70s actress. She tried an ultra- glam look in Cocktail opposite Saif Ali Khan while she essayed a traditional Tamil girl in Chennai Express. As bespectacled Naina Sahni in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Deepika appeared in a geeky look and then looked convincing as a Gujarati beauty in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Goliyon Ki Raasleela: Ram Leela.advertisementlast_img read more